Domain Names For Sale

Domain names for sale have become a big part of business. There are smart investors who make money when they sell domain names that are valuable to buyers as a marketable web address on the Internet that can be easily remembered by web surfers.

As with many business opportunities that have come from the growth of the World Wide Web, a creative opportunity presented itself with domain names and the business continues to grow, just as those who seek to market themselves, their products, or their services online continues to expand.

Technology offers great opportunity for new means to increase income or start a business! But not everyone makes money by buying or reserving domain names for the purpose of selling them. Domain names for sale that bring in top dollars, and in some cases over one million dollars, are few and far between. However, there is still a market out there and when consumers want to sell domain names to the right buyers, there is money to be made.

First, a good understanding of what a domain name is and why it is important will be of benefit to those looking into domain names for sale. Most companies want a catchy or easily recognizable domain name for their website. A domain name is the address of a website, and when browsers want to find your website, a name is much easier to remember than a long series of words and numbers. Also, unique or easy domain names can be easily used in different forms of media advertising. Thus, a domain name is a very important part of a successful Internet business or e-commerce venture. Once you have selected a good name for your website, you then must record this name with a data base that lists all domain names. Hopefully, what website owners want to call their websites phrases are names that have not been taken. If it has, then contact can be made with the owner with the rights to the name and make an offer to buy the domain name, if it is a good phrase or name for the business.

No one really owns a domain name, so anyone who wants to sell domain names is really selling the rights to use this address. There are periodic renewal fees associated with domain name use. There are many different agencies that have domain names for sale because they have registered the name and are currently owning the rights to these names, hoping that someone will want to purchase the domain names that they have to offer.

And this is how the .com name business has become big business. Those that sell domain names have reserved certain names and hold these names until a buyer comes along. Not every individual or agency that reserves names for the purpose of selling them has a website. Having a website is not necessary for purchasing a domain identity. Many buy the rights to the names and simply list these names with brokers or other domain names for sale agencies.

Last year was the 30th anniversary of .com and .net and now there are close to 300 million total domain names registered to service over 3 billion worldwide internet users. That is still only 40% of the world population of people who have access and growing. The biggest trend in internet growth is the social networks, which now has a big affect on how people buy domains. Facebook and Twitter alone now have respectively 1.5 and 1.3 billion user accounts. This massive migration into social media is feeding a new popular trend where people are using domain names to point to specific pages on social networks for many different uses that both build their social media popularity, as well as the value in the domain name itself. This is adding a whole new wildcard to the mix of potential opportunities that now exist. lists some very good catchy domain names for sale at reasonable prices.